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Feel the flavour, feel the aroma, feel the taste in every bite.

Sangam Chettinad cuisine has a plethora of deceptively delicious dishes. For those who wish to sample the marvels of this cuisine, we bring you the signature dishes of Chettinad – simple, spicy and very traditional and the meals served Chettinad style on banana leaves follow a specific protocol – each dish has a designated space and order in which it has to be served.

Healthy Fresh Food

Feel the fressness in food and smell the aroma and enjoy your treditional food right here.

Advance Booking

No Queue, Plan and book your table and enjoy food with your friends, family.

Best Chefs

We Put the best chefs to make a very traditional meal just for you.

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Ordering your take out just got easier

We are very happy to announce online ordering service for take outs. Cut the wait time on the phone and enjoy the convenience of ordering take outs right from your phone or computer. You can choose to pay at the restaurant or pay online. Don't forget to give us your contact information while ordering and pick up your food at the front desk. Take out orders can take upto 45 mins to an hour at peakest hours.

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